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  • Increase your visibility With Fluentify you will always be reaching new, committed students. You will work (and earn) more.
  • Fluentify's got your back If your student doesn't show up, you will be paid anyway.
  • Max flexibility You decide where to work from and when you want to work with the ability to update your schedule according to your busy life.
  • The harder you work, the greater the benefits The more time you spend on Fluentify, the more you will earn.
    According to the number of sessions you have delivered on the platform, your rate per session goes up.
  • Know exactly what to expect According to the area you will be teaching in and the course you teach, you will know exactly what you will earn.

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Only 10% of the tutor applicants meet our standards

Share your passions Share your experiences and passions with your students. They are interested in knowing more about you and it will help them feel comfortable and motivated during your sessions. Don't forget to check in with the tutoring community as well.

Availability Be available for at least 15 hours a week. The more you’re available, the more you will earn.

Motivation Keep your students engaged by sharing interesting and stimulating content with them while providing useful materials.

Be professional Each student has different strengths and weaknesses. Always adapt your teaching style to best meet their needs and guarantee the student's improvement.

You already have everything you need. Just yourself.

Only 10% of applicants are selected.