Needs Analysis

A structured method for achieving business goals

We establish the training needs of your employees and certify them once they reach their preset goals.


A solutions that ensures concrete results

Needs analysis

The training needs-analysis is essential for establishing achievable goals and building a customised learning path for every employee.

Setting goals

The Fluentify experience always begins with an initial test to establish the starting level from which to build the training path. There are five parts to the test and, depending on the score, each employee will be placed into a Fluentify level.

Trackable results

Once the training path concludes, each employee takes a final assessment test to determine the achieved levels in each skill and monitor the progress to date. By comparing the initial and final test, tutors provide structured feedback to then qualify the achieved level.

Placement test

1° Part


This section consists of 10 multiple choice questions. The questions are designed to assess proper usage of grammar tenses, prepositions and punctuation.

Listening Comprehension

Specially designed audios, using a variety of native English accents, assess a learner’s listening skills. For upper-levels we use longer pieces in the form of topical videos to test students on more challenging subjects.

Reading Comprehension

Specially designed reading pieces on practical subjects such as timetables, instructions and reviews, assess a learner’s reading comprehension. For upper-levels we use longer, more complex texts to test deeper comprehension and critical thinking.

Business vocabulary

This section assesses a learner’s knowledge of business English vocabulary including commonly used phrasal verbs, expressions and compound nouns.

2° Part


During the 30-minute oral placement test, a tutor assesses speaking skills, coherence in explaining concepts and fluency to then set out a customised training path designed around the actual needs of each employee.

Assesment test

1° Part

Final test

A final 45-minute written test checks each employee’s grammar, listening, reading and vocabulary skills acquired since the starting level.

2° Part

General assessment parameters

Ability to express oneself, accuracy in using grammar terms, careful pronunciation when speaking.

The Fluentify Levels and progress monitoring

Fluentify levels are methodologically structured according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) scale. Our system allows accurate progress tracking and keeps learners motivated as they advance through the levels.

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