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Discover a new English learning method.

Start by determining your English level

Your Fluentify experience starts with a Placement Test that determines your CEFR level. It’s broken down into 5 sections assessing the most important English skills you need to work in the real world today.

Based on your test score, you are assigned a CEFR level: A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2.

Test structure

  • Part 1 - written test (45 minutes)
  • Grammar

    This section aims at assessing your knowledge of grammar strucutres, verb tenses and use of prepositions.

  • Listening comprehension

    This section aims at checking your listening comprehension by watching videos taken from the real world.

  • Reading comprehension

    This section tests both your reading comprehension as well as your ability to critically analyse texts.

  • business jargon

    This section focuses on assessing your knowledge of business English. It tests your mastery of idioms and vocabulary used in professional settings.

  • Part 2 - Speaking Placement (30 minutes)
  • Speaking

    During this 30-minute interview, your tutor will assess your Speaking skills based on four different parameters: fluency&coherence, accuracy, pronunciation and sustained monologue.

Dive into the syllabus. Your personal English guide.

Based on the results of your Placement Test, you will have access to a personalised learning plan.

This plan includes a set of grammar and speaking topics that you address with your tutor during your sessions.

Unlock the final test

Once you complete the required number of speaking hours for your plan, you can take the Assessment Test to see how much you’ve improved and if you’re ready to move on to the next level.

Keep constant track of your progress.

Thanks to our student panel, you have a clear understanding of your progress, which includes real-time data and stats.

This section of your profile helps you stay on track, be constantly motivated and really go the extra mile to reach your goals.

One-to-one sessions with your tutor

One-to-one sessions are the core of the Fluentify experience. Choose the topics you struggle with and master them with your tutor.

These 30-minute sessions are completely personalised: you decide what you want to discuss, or if you’re not quite sure, you can choose one of the topics from your plan.

After every session, your tutor leaves you detailed feedback on your speaking performance and gives you a follow-up activity for the next session.

Speaking Evaluation Criteria

  • Fluency & coherence

    Ability to logically organize, develop, and connect ideas in spoken English.

  • Accuracy

    Ability to use the English language correctly with respect to grammar and vocabulary.

  • Pronunciation

    Ability to use proper intonation, accent, and inflection when speaking in English.

  • Sustained monologue

    Ability to speak at length and cover a range of complex subjects.

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