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Only tutors with a minimum of 500 sessions delivered on the platform are invited to join the PRO program.

Some of our 150+ carefully selected PRO tutors

Tony H.

R&D engineer in the biomedical sector (next-gen heart catheters), ran his own music event company for 3 years and is also a professional musician and composer.

Talene B.

Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from the Oxford University.

Rich W.

35+ years in business in England, USA and Italy: insurance, sports management; professional squash instructor, running own business; expert in business English communication and specialized in job interview coaching.

Brittany M.

10 years in the hospitality industry specialised in customer service, human resources, management and presentation skills.

Bill P.

Marine engineering submariner with a Bachelor’s degree in Education; novelist, playwright and children’s’ author who has had his own English Language School and Night Club while working in Brazil.

Kevin E.

Editor and technical writer in the IT industry.

A few companies trained by our PRO tutors

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