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Tutors grouped
according to their experience on the platform

Tutors are divided up based on the number of sessions they've given on the platform.

New0-20 sessions

Their Strength: the enthusiasm

A NEW tutor has just joined the platform, they have a lot to say and are looking forward to meeting you.

Great21-500 sessions

Their strength: the consistency

A GREAT tutor has already piled up a lot of experience on the platform and they're moving up on the Fluentify ladder.

Best501 or more

Their strength: the confidence

A guarantee for any student: with over 500 sessions under their belt, they've faced all kinds of situations and students.

Let yourself be inspired by one of our courses

or Develop your customised course with your tutor.

Course pack

Choose one of the Fluentify courses: targeted speaking sessions with a tutor that include cutting-edge materials based on specific topics to help you reach your goals.

Free pack

Choose your favorite tutor and buy a 3, 10 or 25 sessions pack to practice specific speaking skills or simply just to chat.

Find your perfect tutor

To help you find the right tutor, you can buy a trial session with each of them.

The session only costs a few euros, depending on the tutor's level.

You can have your first session on Fluentify at 1€ if you choose one of the NEW tutors or those tutors who offer this option.

Advice from

Share your experiences with your tutor Building a relationship with your tutor will make your sessions more stimulating and real.

Run straight for your goals Persistence is the key to getting what you want.
Two 30-minute sessions a week is the perfect pace to see results and to not lose steam.

our Tutors

Be yourself Don't be scared. Your tutor will make you feel at ease as soon as you switch on the camera. Just relax and be yourself, it will make everything easier.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes Any efforts when speaking a foreign language are always appreciated.

Learn from the best

Only 10% of the tutor applicants meet our standards. You will only learn from the best.

Tutor Values:

Passion, motivation, availability, and professionalism

"A lot of the students are much more competent with English than they really think they are:
it's just a lack of confidence. We are here to help them realize it."

PeterFluentify tutor

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