Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy clearly explains how we, Fluentify UK Ltd (trading as Fluentify), use cookies and similar technologies on or in relation to our website, (our website). This Cookie Policy is effective from 15 May 2018.

I. What are cookies

Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser, they are small data files sent by a website's server to a web browser, processor memory or hard drive and stored there. They can be used for a range of different purposes, such as customising a website for a particular user, helping a user navigate a website, improving that user's website experience, and storing that user's preferences and login information.

II. Essential and non-essential cookies

Cookies can be classified as either 'essential' or 'non-essential'.
'Essential' cookies are automatically placed on your computer or device when you access our website or take certain actions on our website. These are cookies that are either:

  • used solely to carry out or facilitate the transmission of communications over a network; or
  • strictly necessary to provide an online service (e.g. our website or a service on our website) which you have requested.

We use the following essential cookies on our website:

  • PHPSESSID stores user status, e.g. to remember logged in user's usernames. This information is required to allow a user to stay logged in to a web site without needing to submit their username and password for each page visited. Without this cookie, a user is unable to proceed to areas of the web site that require authenticated access.
  • REMEMBERME permanent cookie set when the "remember me"option in the login is ticked, it’s used to remember the logged in status of an user across multiple sessions.
  • cmp_ref keeps track of eventual referral links in order to "remember" the promised discount rates and show them anytime the user reaches a payment page.
  • __zlcmid cookie used by ZenDesk, a third party company providing the customer service chat in every Fluentify page. It stores user name and email in order to allow the customer service team to identify an user and promptly respond to them.
  • OptanonAlertBoxClosed, OptanonConsent cookies used by our "cookie disclaimer" banner to keep track about user preferences about which cookie can be enabled and which other cannot.

'Non-essential' cookies and other technologies are only placed on your computer or device if you have consented to us doing so. You consent to us placing non-essential cookies on your computer or device by continuing to use our website with your browser settings set to accept cookies. Non-essential cookies are basically any cookies that do not fall within the definition of essential cookies, such as cookies used to analyse your behaviour on a website ('analytical' cookies) or cookies used to display advertisements to you ('advertising' cookies).

We use the following types of non-essential cookies on our website:

  • Analytical (or perfomance) cookies
  • Targeting cookies

Analytical cookies

Analytical (or performance) cookies track and gather data about what a user does on a website. These cookies are not essential for our website or its functionality to work. We use the following analytical cookies on our website:

First party

  • Google Analytics cookies to us understand how you engage and interact with our website, including how you came to our website, which pages you visited, for how long and what you clicked on and your location (based on your IP address). The Google Analytics cookies used on our website are the _ga cookie which is a persistent cookie and lasts for 2 years and _gid cookie which is a session cookie. As described in more detail in the 'functional cookies' section above, we also use the _gat cookie to assist with the performance of Google Analytics on our site. Information collected by Google Analytics cookies is aggregated and anonymised.
  • HotJar cookies allow us to gather more specific information about users behavior such as mouse movements and page scroll, on a very reduced set of users chosen according to the current Fluentify optimization strategies. Once gathered, data is completely anonymised and stored in an aggregated form. The cookie [_hjIncludedInSample] is used to remember which browsing session belongs to the test set and which other does not. HotJar also provides other features, that Fluentify does not use. However, the related cookies [_hjClosedSurveyInvites, _hjDonePolls, _hjMinimizedPolls, _hjDoneTestersWidgets, _hjMinimizedTestersWidgets] might still be saved, even if they do not contain any meaningful information. More information about hotjar cookies can be found here:

Google Analytics and HotJar cookies are classified as first party cookies as they are set by our website domain, although Google/Hotjar collects and processes information from our use of their service. To find out more about how Google handles information collected from Google Analytics, see Google Analytics’ privacy policy, which is available here. HotJar privacy policy, instead, can be found here.

Third party

  • Youtube (owned by Google) cookies which collect information about the videos you watch on our website, including what you watch and where you view them (e.g. on our homepage). These cookies are called YSC and PREF. They are persistent cookies and expire after 8 months.
  • New Relic is a third party service used by to monitor server errors in order to gather data about server faults and solve issues as quickly as possible. In case of such event, the cookie is used to keep track of the issue. Data is completely anonymized and only gathered in aggregated form.

For information on how Google uses data from cookies it uses, click here.

For Google's general privacy policy (including, in relation to YouTube), click here.

Targeting cookies

Targeting cookies may be set through our site by our advertising partners. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests in order to let us suggest you promotional offers specifically tailored to your platform usage. They do not store directly personal information, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. If you do not allow these cookies, you will experience less accurate promotional offers coming from, as these cookies are used to deliver adverts more relevant to you and your interests. They remember that you have visited a website and this information is shared with other organisations such as advertisers.

We use the following targeting cookies:,,

III. Session or persistent cookies

Cookies can be classified as either 'session' or 'persistent', depending on how long they last after they are placed on your browser.

  • Session cookies: session cookies last for as long as you keep your browser open. They expire when you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies: persistent cookies expire at a fixed point in time or if you manually delete them from your browser, whichever occurs first.

IV. First party or third-party cookies

Cookies can be classified as 'first party' or 'third party'.

  • First party cookies: these are cookies placed on your device by our website domain.
  • Third party cookies: these are cookies placed on your device by third party website domains.

If you require further information about cookies in general, please visit