professional / Step 2 - Your goals

Why do you want to improve your english?

What is the main reason you want to start an English course?

  • I need to start from the beginning

    I'm looking for a course that guides me from the beginning and allows me to see tangible results.

  • I want to gain confidence with my business English

    I need to respond to emails, participate in conference calls, and improve my English for work purposes.

  • I want to improve my fluency

    I already speak English pretty well but I want to maintain my level and keep learning new idioms, phrasal verbs, etc.

  • Fluentify for Students

    Listen to Alice’s story and how she overcame her language barriers with Fluentify. Watch the video

  • Fluentify for Professionals

    Find out how Tommaso got a job in London thanks to his English skills. Watch the video

  • Fluentify for Business

    Many companies use Fluentify as their English provider. Learn how Airbnb designed their personalised English plan. Watch the video

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