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Traditional language programmes don’t work

The only way to see real results is through structured speaking practice. And this is how Fluentify works.

  • A personalised learning plan based on your level and goals

    A speaking-based method with content tailored to the starting level and professional needs of each student.

  • Constant tutor support

    Together with your personalised syllabus and your selected tutor, you cover the topics that are most important to you. Like this, you become more fluent where it counts.

  • Keep track of your progress

    Our system helps you stay on track, monitor your progress and reach your goals.

Test your English level and get your personalised plan

Your Fluentify experience starts with a Placement Test that gives you a clear idea of your current English level.

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Our one-to-one sessions

30-minute one-to-one video sessions with qualified mother-tongue English tutors.

It all happens directly on our platform.

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Focus on the English you need

Much more than small talk. Fluentify sessions simulate the most challenging real-life professional situations.

A speaking-based method.

Fluentify on the go 24/7.

Qualified mother-tongue English tutors from around the world available 24/7.

Everything directly on your computer, tablet or phone thanks to our embedded videoconferencing system.

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English is a must for your company

Specific programmes tailored to your company needs with dedicated tools to monitor your ROI.

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  • I'm a student

    Do you need to prepare for an English exam, improve your fluency or get ready to travel abroad?

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  • I'm a professional

    Do you need to prepare for a job interview, improve your presentation skills or easily manage conference calls?

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  • I'm a company

    Are you an HR manager or decision maker looking for an innovative, custom-made plan for your company?

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