One-To-One Lessons

Hundreds of tutors available 24/7, on any device

Individual sessions and dedicated tutors to provide flexible, tailored language training.


A team of certified native-speaker tutors, providing a vast array of accents with which to practice speaking fluency.They are available round-the-clock on any technological device.

Individual 30-minute speaking lessons

Employees can find the tutor best suited to their own training needs along a highly-tailored training path while being coached every step of the way.


Our tutors are available round-the clock. The individual lessons can be arranged to meet the schedules and times best suited for each employee. Also, thanks to the FLUENTIFY NOW system, you can immediately book live lessons on our platform.


The Fluentify platform is accessible 24/7 on any technological device. The lessons can be done on tablets, smartphones or laptops. Accessing the video conferencing system requires no software nor any updates; all it takes is an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone.

Individual feedback

Fluentify tutors support their students at each stage of their training path. The tutors not only teach English, they also personally coach students via individual, timely feedback – after every lesson that motivates students and keeps them highly engaged.

More than English

With Fluentify you can learn five different languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

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Within twenty-four hours, one of our consultants will happily explain everything to you, with no strings attached.

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